Test Web Browser Compatibility

Taproot Video strives to ensure that our video classes can be viewed on all web browsers and continually tests that our videos play in the latest versions of all major web browsers.

However, many other factors, such as the speed of your internet connection, installed browser extensions, video card, etc. may also impact how well the streaming video plays on your system. This page allows you to test your particular browser configuration and to evaluate the quality of the video playback. You can also provide us with feedback.

Your video is loading

The system is still working on estimating the speed of your personal internet connection. The display will automatically update as soon as the estimate is available.

You appear to be using UNKNOWN_BROWSER on an unsupported operating system. This configuration has not been evaluated by Taproot Video. This does not mean that you will not be able to view the videos. In fact, all web browsers implementing the latest standards will be able to play the videos.

Addition comments:

Your feedback is anonymous and confidential. Please include your e-mail address in the comments if you would like us to contact you regarding your feedback.