Sprang Lace Patterns by Carol James

This 28 page book was initially intended as a monograph where Carol tried out her pattern writing method, sharing it with her students to verify the clarity of her pattern-writing method. First printed in 2016 in black and white because of printing costs, the volume has received much praise. This electronic version returns to the original colored stitch notation so popular in with Carol’s students.

This book assumes a familiarity with the sprang technique, and the interlinking stitch. The user must be able to set up a frame, and work plait and overplait (braiding and follow-up) rows as well as finishing technique. The introduction to the book includes information on the pattern-writing method, definitions of the plain stitch, edge stitches, and double stitch, as well as the notation abbreviations and chart legend.

The book contains 25 sprang lace patterns. Each lace pattern appears in chart form as well as in written directions, and each pattern has an accompanying photo of a completed sample piece. Many of the patterns take their inspiration from historic textiles, particularly textiles from a collection in the Art and History Museum in Brussels, Belgium. Photos of these historic textiles are sprinkled throughout the volume.

This volume opens the door to the wonderful world of sprang lace.

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