A Taste of the Sprang Technique with Carol James

What’s sprang? It’s a technique, used since antiquity, for making garments such as hats, mittens, socks, scarves, vests, leggings and more

One of the basic ‘stitches’ in sprang is the interlinking stitch. This video includes images of some articles made using this stitch. The video introduces the interlinking stitch as a braid, worked without a frame, and begins by showing you how to organise the threads. Detailed instructions help you to make the braid, and offers ways to avoid mistakes. The work produces two mirror-image friendship bracelets.

There is evidence of this technique starting in the Bronze age. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the mid 1800s, sprang almost completely disappeared in Europe and North America. It’s time to reawaken this amazing method.

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For this class you will need 2 colors of yarn, 2 sticks, tape, and scissors.

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It was presented well. Good photographing and the speaker made the directions clear. I would be interested in the class. 
By  Woolworker  on  Mar 06 2018 20:34 PM
This was the easiest to understand introduction to Sprang! I wasn't sure how interested I was in this technique but after seeing this I am excited to learn more. 
By  Linda G. Mesavage  on  Dec 13 2017 17:59 PM