Weave a Neckpiece with Linda Hendrickson

Nowadays we have such a wide variety of wonderful yarns available to us; ribbon yarns and tencel, good old silk and smooth metallics, and luxurious pima cotton in more colors than ever before. For those of us who love to run our fingers across these yummy fibers, here’s the same idea, one better: drape them around your neck!

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Tablet woven bands or tablet woven tubes, together with strands of fiber (even beads if you choose) make up these neckpieces, for endless variety. Your only limit is your own imagination.

Weave in your own kitchen, or grab a friend and weave together! With Tablet Weaving, you can have a number of friends over to weave together, because you don’t need a floor loom, or a table top loom, or even a frame loom; your equipment can be 2 C-clamps… and a deck of cards.

Full Video Duration: 42 minutes

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Customer reviews:

Excellent video.  Love the concept and hope to make several versions.  Thank you for this interesting use of card weaving !
By  Miss Mo  on  Oct 30 2021 20:06 PM