Beginning Braiding on the Marudai with Terry Flynn

Braids are marvelously designed little textile gems. Their structures range from simple to complex. The yarns and colors that you choose will give them their personality. Your interests will drive whether you gravitate toward braids that require simple and rhythmic steps, or you move on to complex braids that demand more intense focus. And there are endless ways that you can use them in functional and creative artwork.

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Terry designed this video to cover the topics that her students most often need explained and demonstrated. Her experience as an art teacher has informed the way in which she has presented the content with different learning styles in mind. Beyond what to do and how to do it, Terry shares her experience with yarn and color choice so that you can grow in confidence as you play with these elements, moving beyond following a "recipe”. The ten braids that are taught are available for download and include detailed information on numerous variations.

The more you braid the more you will return to this video as you begin to understand how braiding works. Whether you want to braid with beads, create unique garments, make slings, or whatever interests you, this video will teach you the foundation skills you will need.

Here is how the workshop is organized:

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Please review the materials list to find out what equipment and materials you will need. It also includes recommendations for where you can purchase these items.

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