Uzbek Ikat: The Personal Saga of an Exceptional Cloth by Marilyn Romatka

Documentary / Travelogue

The energetic ikat patterns lay in contrast to the stark beauty of the Uzbek steppes. The vivid color and the bold patterns counterbalance the sagebrush and beige sands of the landscape. Unlike simple printed cloth, ikat is created in a complex process, the result of the skilled touch of many hands along the way. Follow along from the beginning as the thread is reeled off the silk coccoon, from one family's hands to the next, through the whole process to the finished garment.

Here is a chance to watch skilled craftspersons, who are very good at what they do, doing the work they love!

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Uzbekistan has been making this incredible cloth for many hundreds of years. The skill and precision involved will leave you breathless.

Marilyn the weaver, and her husband the photographer have taken this intriguing odyssey though the heartland of the Silk Road for you. All you have to do is sit back, watch and learn. All of the fun, and none of the jet-lag!

This video is a recording of Marilyn's Guild Presentation of over 200 slides and 43 video clips, accompanied by traditional Uzbek music. Total runtime 49 minutes.

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